Editor's note


Chief Editor of YURIDICHESKAYA PRACTIKA publishing

The first thing that strikes one's eye while summing up the work of the legal market this year is that lawyers have definitely learned to survive in conditions of a crisis economy, virtually all firms increased their revenues and a number of law firms even reached pre-crisis financial results. In currency terms. At the same time the recession configuration of the market is still preserved; and lawyers profit mostly off accompanying disputes both in the national courts and international arbitrations, bankruptcies and major reorganizations. And everyone is waiting for the arrival of real investors. However, despite the lack of progress in the economy, 2016 may yet become a turning point for the legal services market, since judicial reform will be implemented through amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, the new Supreme Court may adopt the first decision on the new procedural rules early next year, and it’s quite possible that private executors will be the first to perform them. Great expectations are associated with the implementation of the reforms in the field of registration as well as adoption of an anti-raiding law. Interesting opportunities emerge in the field of financial restructuring. We can continue naming reforms. However, the most important thing is that they really started working, and in the process of establishing order in the state, lawyers will not be out of a job.