Incremental change

The "50 leading law firms of Ukraine" survey provides a deep insight into the development of the Ukrainian legal services market and the position of certain players on it. And every year the market chronicle is supplemented with new pages.


Recording throughout the year the achievements of Ukrainian practicing law firms, the "50 leading law firms of Ukraine" survey turned into a peculiar market chronicle, enabling the evolution of the legal service business in Ukraine and separate law firms to be traced - both in terms of objective quantitative indicators and practice and projects (a highly confidential market segment is left alone).

Because of the methodology applied, the "50 leading law firms of Ukraine" survey can be deemed unique not only for the domestic market, as the maximum possible quantity of representative indicators, including the point-based expert evaluation of the position of firms operating in the legal services market, are taken into consideration. Improved over the years, the methodology of conducting the survey provides the conviction that random firms will not be in the top 50, and the position of every participant generally corresponds to its real market power. Even in the boutique segment of legal practice, the relative arrangement of law firms sits in accordance with their market share.

A reminder that over the last 19 years of the survey’s management, the rules have been updated several times - as a response to market remarks, the organizers have perfected the methodology by adding new criteria that allow to work out the position of each law firm more accurately and objectively. This is because gaining an objective market picture, using qualitative indicators alone, is impossible, first and foremost due to the information closeness of market participants who retain as confidential not only information about revenues and accompanying clients, but the number of practicing lawyers as well. Since 2000, the final position of a legal company in the rating has also been influenced by its reputation among other colleagues, and since 2007 - by the quantity and quality of accompanying representative transactions. The offices of international firms represented in Ukraine have been included in the destination table "50 leading law firms of Ukraine" since 2008 (they had  previously been given separately). In 2010, the advisory board was introduced, and a year later the procedure of giving reputational points began as part of certain practice areas. Yet the key principle - maximum objectivity and equal treatment of all market participants - never underwent revision. Nor was the basic methodological principle altered, according to which the indicators of each law firm on the criteria covered are put together with regard to specific rates.