Editor's note

Rustam Kolesnik

Chief Editor of YURIDICHESKAYA PRACTIKA publishing

The coming to power of a large number of lawyers was recognized as the main trend of the last 12 months. But it didn’t yield any tangible results for the country. It’s like the lawyers were admitted to the government with their hands tied and allowed to move only in a predetermined direction. How long will they be able to work in such conditions and why they need this at all — remains a mystery. Another open question is their return to the market. The example of Kostyantyn Likarchuk shows that the vacancy of a “Partner” is not going to wait for the return of those who once left for the vertical power of lawyers.

And now on a positive note. The total pessimism of legal market players which prevailed in 2014 gave way to cautious anticipation of a miracle occurring throughout 2015. There is still nobody daring to believe that reforms will be ever carried out, the grain bins will be filled, and trials will suddenly become fair. But according to certain prerequisites, in 2017 investors will finally head in our direction due to even minimal imitation of reforms and despite the non-alternative pro-Western orientation. It is questionable how to live to see it. But the size of the financial market, which has increased by one third (in hryvnia terms), enables thinking that regardless of all the related losses we do have a chance to see it.